What is Scatterbrain?

Scatterbrain is a 1-on-1 consulting service designed to give you the tools, training, and encouragement to reach your goals. We also build free tools that you can download right now!

Who is Scatterbrain for?

Scatterbrain isn't for everyone. We only open up a small number of spots to new clients each season. If you are serious about learning to do incredible things, we can help. But if you are looking for an easy path that won't work, take a walk through the Self-help section of your favorite bookstore instead.

What sorts of incredible things does Scatterbrain help with?

We have helped dedicated clients learn new languages, start small businesses, and jump back into sustainable health routines.

Most importantly, we help each client gain clarity, insight, and focus. Everyone we work with walks away with tools that can tame the Scatterbrain. You will be amazed at how the custom framework we develop with you can bring energy back to your work, refocus your mind, and take back lost time.

How does it work?

Scatterbrain meets you where you are. Once we know more about you and where your strengths lie, we work to build a custom solution for you to help you reach your goals. We meet in person or over video chat and work on one goal for twelve weeks. During this time, we'll explore systems that work for you and build out a working framework you can use on any project, big or small. Due to limited availability, we only work with clients that are mentally prepared to make a change for the better. To see if you qualify, and to get updates and free tools, answer our questionnaire below.