The Scatterbrain Planner

Here is the big secret to any solid organizational system: you need a plan.

Some of our clients like a digital system, since we are usually within five feet of our phones at all times, but for those who like the tactile nature of a physical system, we developed The Scatterbrain Planner.

The Scatterbrain Planner was designed to give you a sampling of the different planning tools and methodologies we teach. Because there are so many "Killer Systems" floating out there in the world today, it is best to jump right in and find what works for you. 

With flexibility in mind, we designed each page to use minimal amounts of ink and reinforce positive productivity habits.

We are giving away The Scatterbrain Planner for free in PDF format. It's ready to print directly, but if have any questions, send us an email and we will happily work with you to meet your needs.